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System Maintenance Schedule
In order to maintain superior service quality, we perform regular system maintenance as scheduled below. User cannot log in to our WebTrade during the period.

Regular maintenance timetable: 05:45am -06:55am (Monday to Sunday)

Our system does not support concurrent log in. Your PC should not maintain more than one browser, open with WebTrade platform at the same time. To prevent any data crashing, please ensure to log out your previous account properly before starting to log in another account.

  1. Do not use a public computer to login our Electronic Trading Platform and conduct transactions. Do not check the "Remember my password" checkbox. Doing so will allow other users to access your account.
  2. Never leave your computer or mobile devices unattended while using our Electronic Trading Platform, remember to log off properly and close the browser after you have finished using our Electronic Trading Platform. While you need to input your password every time you make a transaction, someone may be able to view your account information using the browser's Back button.
  3. Avoid leaving your computer or mobile devices online when you are not using the Electronic Trading Platform.
  4. Disable the auto-complete function in your browser.
  5. Be alert to your surrounding when you use the Electronic Trading Platform.
  6. If you have noted any unauthorized access to your trading account, please call our 24-hour InvestLine at (852) 2878-5555 or contact your Investment Representative immediately.
  7. Install PC protection software (e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall) and enable real-time detection of new viruses, spyware and intrusions on your computer. Also, enable the auto-update feature to obtain the latest virus and spyware definition files.
  8. Do not write your password on your personal computer or anything near it.
  9. Do not write down or record your password without disguising it. Ideally, your password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess so you would not have to write them down.
  10. Do not disclose your passwords to anyone or allow anyone (including KGI's staff) to use your password.
  11. Do not click on attachments or embedded URL from unknown or untrustworthy sources, including suspicious emails or SMS.
  12. Protect yourself against identity theft.
  13. Empty your temporary Internet files or cache folder when finished using our Electronic Trading Platform.
  14. Change your password regularly. Change it if you suspect that someone may know your passwords.
  15. Should you need to change your password, please login and access "CHANGE PASSWORD" to follow the instructions.
  16. Use a hard-to-guess password. Do not use sequential or repetitive numbers, or easily accessible personal information such as your telephone number, ID card number or date of birth. Do not use any word in a dictionary or obvious ones such as your name or the name of your pet.
  17. If you input incorrect password for 3 consecutive times, your password will be suspended and you cannot login our WebTrade Service. You may request to release the suspended password by calling our 24-hour InvestLine at (852) 2878-5555 or contact your Investment Representative.

For security purposes, you will be logged out automatically if your account is detected to be idle for 30 minutes or more.

Due to the inherent unreliable and insecure nature of the Internet as a medium of data transmission, there is a risk that communication over the Internet may be interrupted, delayed or accessed by unauthorized parties. Notwithstanding measures taken by us to minimize such risk, we accept no responsibility for any loss or expense that may result or incur from interruptions, delays, unauthorized access or any reason beyond our reasonable control. You should not place any instruction with us over the Internet if you are not prepared to accept such risk.

Recommended browser environment: IE11, Edge44, Chrome75, Firefox68, Safari12 or higher; Resolution 1024x768 or higher

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